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Avira Premium 2012 Full Version

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Hallo sobat sekalian. Kali ini ane mau share Avira Premium 2012  Full Version. Darii dulu ampe sekarang si payung merah ini tetap menemani PC ane dan pastinya selalu aman dari virus-virus yang beredar liar di internet maupun FD. Tentunya dengan Avira Premium 2012  ini perlindungan terhadap PC maupun laptop kita akan semakin aman namun ingat, secanggih-canggihnya anti virus, jika kita jarang ngeupdate antivirus tersebut maka tetap PC / Laptop kita terancam virus. Semakin canggih antivirus semakin canggih juga virus-virus yang diciptakan.
Berikut penampakan Avira Premium 2012 :

Avira Premium 2012 
Berikut beberapa fitur Avira Premium 2012 :
Detection :
System Scanner detects all known viruses, worms and Trojans
AntiAd/Spyware eliminates stubborn adware pop-ups and other spying tactics
AntiSpam weeds out junk and scams before you see them
AntiPhishing protects you against identity theft attacks
Rootkit Protection keeps you safe from hidden malware
AntiBot stops crimeware from hijacking your PC

Prevention :
Real-Time Protection provides nonstop security, even between system scans
ProActive spots new and unknown malware threats
AHeAD Technology isolates questionable-looking code
Web Protection keeps you away from malicious websites
AntiDrive-by blocks unintended software downloads from the web
Mail Protection keeps infected emails at a safe distance from your inbox
FireWall forms a protective seal against intrusions

Repair :
Quick Removal eliminates viruses with one click
Generic Repair fixes your PC fast, solves problems automatically
Backup System safeguards your important data & precious photos
Rescue System helps restart your PC in an emergency

Extra Benefits :
Express Installation cuts out the boring Q&A and launches your protection fast
Child Protection sets safe limits on what kids see or how long they surf
Live Support matches you with an Avira expert for immediate, interactive help
Game Mode lets you suspend unnecessary notifications during games and movies
Netbook Support assures fast performance even on low resolution, low memory laptops

Buat sobat sekalian yang berminat, link download Avira Premium 2012  Full Version sudah saya sediakan di bawah postingan ini.

Via MF : Download

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Falah Mulyana said...

Waaaaaaaah anti virus kesukaan saya Nih Sobat Zona Eksis,,,,,,,,,,

Falah Mulyana ijin download nih sobat,,,,,,,,

Terima kasih sobat udah berbagi,,,,,
Happy Blogging

Zona Eksis said...

Iya sip Sob falah... silahkna di download :D

Ardiansyah Guna said...

Premium di amankan sobat BABA, hahahahahaha,,,,,,,

Ijin sundul agh sobat zona eksis........

Nice share and happy blogging

Zona Eksis said...

hhaha iya silahakan sobat guna...

Falah Mulyana said...

Absen siang sobat Ryan,,,,,, sebelum berangkat ke kampus,,,,,

Nice share and happy blogging,,,,,,,

Falah Mulyana request software pemotong video,,, di tunggu ya sobat share nya,,,,,,,, thank's......

Asis Sugianto said...

wah kalo di blog sy update yang personal aviranya sobat...

Black Angel Syndicate said...

wah mantab sob izin unduh :)
Absen siang

Falah Mulyana said...

Kembali berkunjung sobat

Ardiansyah Guna said...

berkunjung lagi ke blog sobat mencari postingan yang baru tpi kayanya blum ada ya sobat di tunggu postingan baru nya yaaaaa

Falah Mulyana said...

Belum ada postingan terbaru nih sobat

Zona Eksis said...

@Asis Sugianto : oh iya sob ane udah pernah liat yang itu...

@Black Angel Syndicate : iya sob silahkan di download :)

@Ardiansyah Guna + Falah Mulyana : iya nih sob... ane waktu itu belum ngasih makan modem jadi netnya di stop dlu hhe

cerita anak kost said...

crak ya gan, bisa update berarti ya gan.?

Zona Eksis said...

iya gan. bisa jadi gan....

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adwaa comp said...
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